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Beehive Ginger Awapuhi or Shampoo Ginger grows to 24-30" with beauiful flowers emerging from the ground beneath the foliage.  The blooms start out as green and mature into a beautiful crimson-maroon as seen in the photo above.  Awapuhi ginger is famed for its thick, highly fragrant gelatinous nectar that can be extracted when the mature blooms are squeezed.  Prefers morning sun with afternoon shade. It is deciduous, meaning that the foliage and flowers die back at the end of the season and re-emerge the following season.  You will receive a bare-root, trimmed and clean rhyzome.



Beehive Ginger Awapuhi - Shampoo Ginger

Excluding Sales Tax
  • These are freshly dug field grown plants trimmed and cleaned for shipping.