Frequently asked questions

Why Add Winter Wrap?

Winter Wrap helps protect your purchase from cold weather. Remember, these are tropical flowers and plants and will die if they freeze. Even though the shipping address may be to a warmer climate your package will likey travel thru a shipping hub which might be in a colder part of the country, ie: Memphis, Tn. Failure to choose Winter Wrap for your mainland order will nullify any guarantees we may provide. No Winter Wrap required for Hawaii addresses.

One Address Per Order

If you need to order for multiple recipients either enter them as seperate orders or contact us directly and we can invoice you once for the whole order. 1-808-966-6693 or info@lavalilies.com for email.

Cut Flowers & Plants Need To Ship Seperately

The USDA requests that we ship cut flowers seperate from plant material.

We Can Not Ship Plants (except potted orchids) to Arizona, Texas, Louisiana or California

The Department of Agriculture in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana & California does not allow importation of field grown crops from Hawaii and some other states. Our gingers, heliconias and calathea plants are all field grown. We can and do ship greenhouse grown orchids to all states.

Shipping Days and Time

We ship Monday-Wednesday for East Coast addresses and Monday-Thursday for Hawaii and West Coast addresses. Please allow 2 days to process and prepare your order for shipping. You may include a preferred ship date if you desire.