Aloha and Welcome to Big Island Daylily Co. 
We are a mail order nursery located on the Hilo side 
of the Big Island of Hawaii.​  

Our cacao orchard is growing nicely and we have launched a fund raising campaign to​ raise money to build our on-farm certified kitchen.  Please visit our Lavalily store and click on Cacao to view products we have for sale, including the ever popular blooming orchid Oncidium Sharry Baby with it's magnificent chocolate fragrance.  

​Our daylilies are still resting and multiplying.
Please contact us to be put on the waiting list and 
we'll notify you when they are ready for shipping.

Mahalo for visiting 

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July 31, 2020.​
Aloha Gardening Friends,
We're working on some major website changes to improve your browsing experience including a new store. Until it's all launched and ready to go please contact us if you have any questions or special orders at

 Mixed Tropical  Flowers
5 ea Red & Pink Ginger, 5 Tropic Fleur, 1 Heliconia and 2 exotics - depending on what is in season - right now we have beautiful beehive gingers, as seen in above photo, plus 5 pcs foliage 
all for just $100.00 
shipping included

​What to expect in our new store

- Assorted beautiful tropical cut flowers

- Well grown, vigorous tropical plants

- a preview of our amaryllis selection for this coming November