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Agapanthus Elaine is a wonderful addition to any garden with its stunning cobalt blue pendulous blooms.  Plant height ranges from 20-30" with flowers stems averaging 30-36".  On my farm, located at 1000' elevation, I've found that Elaine grows well in sun or part shade but prefers part shade in the afternoon when we go into long periods of drought and hot sun.  The relief from burning afternoon sun keeps the long strappy foliage nice and green.  I highly recommend good, thick mulch to top dress the plants after planting.  Elaine prefers nice, rich soil full of organic matter and cinder for good drainage.  That said, agapanthus are hardy and can grow in almost any soil as long as there is ample mulch on top.  I recommend re-applying mulch once a year as the plants will consume the organic matter.  Some irrigating might be required during periods of drought.  Once they are planted they are virtually maintenance free. 

Agapanthus Elaine

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  • These are freshly dug field grown plants trimmed and cleaned for shipping.